Welcome to FirstWorld. I’m one of your hosts, Kris. They call me Kris the Bard and I come from a place called Karo in the dimension of FirstWorld a very long time ago. How I came to be living in your dimension in your time is a very long and complicated story. On the way, I got involved with a Hero with a powerful sword, wizards (both good and bad), elves, dwarves, men and Gods. The Hero was involved in a quest to serve The Balance and prevent either Law or Chaos achieving supremacy. It was my job to chronicle the Hero’s struggles and although it was long ago and very far away I believe that the things we learnt are just as important in your world today. This is a drawing of me, during the adventures described in the FirstWorld Saga.

If you’d like to read about how I came to meet up with CJA, then please read the blog post here.

Enjoy your visit to FirstWorld and please help yourself to the free downloads.

Kris the Bard (KtB)