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Happy Holidays 2016

This year’s free gift from the FirstWorld multiverse is a collection of three short stories involving travels in time and dimensions. We hope you enjoy them. Best wishes from Kris and Chris for a safe and peaceful holiday season, whatever holidays or festivals you celebrate. May 2017 bring you much joy, happiness, and good health.



A Beautiful Desktop Picture

The Queen’s Tree at Elvenhome is described in Aftermath of Armageddon. Nat Turner captured it perfectly with his wonderful artwork. When you see the amazing detail in high definition, you will be amazed at Nat’s attention to detail. I use it as the desktop picture on my laptop. I hope you will enjoy using it too. The download is a large file but worth it to see the picture in high definition.

CJA June 2016

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Happy Holidays 2015

Whichever holidays or religious festivals you celebrate, CJA & KtB wish you safe, happy times with your loved ones. Please accept our holiday gift to you; The Bar at the End of the Multiverse.

Set in the FirstWorld multiverse of Christopher Jackson-Ash, this stand-alone short story is a holiday season gift for fans of FirstWorld and new readers alike. It’s a futuristic twist on Dickens, Star Trek, Moorcock, and Tolkien, with a nod to Cheers. Who is Jamie Surak? What terrible crime has he committed to end up in the Bar at the End of the Multiverse? Does he have a future? This is the bar where nobody knows your name.

Chrismas Story Cover


To celebrate the publication of A Vision of the Future, the fourth and final volume of the FirstWorld Saga, we are giving away Quest for Knowledge (Volume 1 of the FirstWorld Saga) for free.

QFK book op1

Download Quest for Knowledge for free


The Wasteland

I have had the story of the FirstWorld Saga in my head for more than thirty years. I started putting it down by hand with pencil on paper long before word processors or computers became available. Very few of those initial words have survived ten rewrites and multiple edits to get to what is Quest for Knowledge today.

Back in the early 1990s, I wrote my first stand-alone short story in the FirstWorld multiverse. I include it here because it is instructive about the creative process. Many of the themes that now reside in the FirstWorld Saga are there. The Hero is pale-skinned with red hair and already has the name Simon Redhead. He travels through the dimensions using an almost sentient object. He carries a powerful sword, though not yet Fleischaker. He has a companion, although his name is Kindar and he’s a dwarf – yet Jhamed still shines through. The influence of Michael Moorcock’s work is evident.I hope that the quality of my writing has improved since then.


Download The Wasteland (pdf only)

The Ballad of Gilgamesh

When I regaled the people in the Fisherman’s Arms at Two Rivers with the story of Gilgamesh, this is what I recounted.


Download The Ballad of Gilgamesh (pdf only)

Interview with Manfred

Between the short periods of intense action and the planning for the defence of Elannort there were long periods of inactivity.  I took advantage of one of the quiet periods to interview Manfred and ask him about the early days of his long life. The transcript of the interview can be downloaded here.


Download Interview with Manfred (pdf only)

Julie’s Story

You should read this after you have read Aftermath of Armageddon. Julie told Kris all about her background and where she came from.


Rheanna of Rhakotis

Learn Rheanna’s amazing secrets, but don’t read this until you have read A View of the Past.



Imagine going into cryogenic storage, being forgotten about and sleeping until near the end of time. Imagine you are a leader of men, an alpha male, and the world is now only populated by gay clones who think you are their Messiah.

This is a stand-alone short story, set close to the end of time.

However, we will meet Julius Auxelles again in A Vision of the Future.


FirstWorld Saga Character List

This is a fairly complete list of all of the characters in the four volumes of the FirstWorld Saga with some information about them.


Coming Soon – Jhamed’s Memoirs Part One

Jhamed al Suraqi was born in YoC 19229, just two years before the Sundering. He is a unique being of the Balance having an elf mother and a dwarf father. He appears to have a lifespan even longer than wizards. He is a master of travel through the dimensions. He has travelled the multiverse with Manfred the Magician. He is the companion to the Everlasting Hero and has travelled with and fought alongside many incarnations of the Hero. He must have knowledge of past events and secrets that surpass anyone alive. He agreed that I could ghost-write his autobiography. It’s a huge task because he has lived for over thirty-thousand years. Part one will be published soon.