Works in Progress

If you thought it was all over at the end of time, think again! There will be a free Cross Over book from the FirstWorld Saga to the Alternative Hero Trilogy.

FirstWorld Revisited – The Alternative Hero Trilogy

Volume 1 – The Champion of Melasurej

Volume 2 – The End of All Gods

Volume 3 – The Quest for Elannort

Then …

These books are set in the FirstWorld multiverse but this is a stand-alone series.

The Magic of Seven Trilogy

Book 1 – The Seventh Daughter

Book 2 – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Book 3 – The Magician’s Bane

Both trilogies will extend the geography of FirstWorld from the area discovered in the FirstWorld Saga to the Ten Ancient Kingdoms that lie far to the south beyond the Great Southern Desert.

First World Map