The One Tree and Hanging Gardens at Eden

hanging gardens medium

“The One Tree was framed by the Hanging Gardens. Tier upon tier, they rose from the tranquillity of the Eden Pool. Each tier seemed to be supported by living columns, the trunks of great trees that raised their canopies to the skies above. The gardens were planted with trees and flowers of every kind. It seemed to Simon, that the flowers painted a rainbow, through which the dappled sun shone, reminding him of the feeling of standing inside a huge cathedral with the sun shining through stained glass windows. Flowers and vines cascaded from the upper levels, in a waterfall of green, interspersed with hues of every colour. In the centre of it all, high in the sky, so that looking made his neck ache, the top of the One Tree seemed to reach for the sun, with an air of resigned desperation.”