The Coliseum at Kartage

We hear about Cartage in Quest for Knowledge and Aftermath of Armageddon and get to visit the Coliseum in A View of the Past.

“Simon marvelled at what it must have looked like in its heyday. Even in ruins, it was an impressive sight worthy of its designation as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was built predominantly of the same local red sandstone that the houses were constructed from. Perhaps only a third of it still rose to its full majestic height, towering one hundred and fifty feet above the city square. It comprised three main tiers of arcades faced by different types of architectural columns in each of the levels. Simon had no idea what the different cylindrical columns represented. One type was quite narrow, standing on a rectangular base with a simple headstone. Another type was much larger in diameter with circular footings but intricately carved ornate headstones. The third seemed to be a combination of the other two with broad columns and simple headstones. The three levels remained intact for at least sixty percent of the building. The attic level, which sat above the three arcade levels, was more enclosed with only alternate small rectangular windows. A palisade broad enough for someone to comfortably walk on topped off the walls.”