The Wizards

Dammar & Manfred

Wizards, also known as the Wise were created in the Year of Creation 6567 by the Great Old Ones as they prepared to leave our universe. Melasurej was created at the same time to be the centre of their power.

Only 52 wizards were created. Adapa was the First and Greatest Sage and he ruled with six Great Sages. The remaining wizards, with the exception of Destiny who had a special secret role, were minor wizards.

A wizard’s power is centred in a magic staff.

The wizards were given enormous lifespans that might be considered immortal, except that they could be destroyed by a power greater than their staff or they would cease to exist when their unknown pre-ordained role had been completed.

When wizards die they pass to stone and materialise on prepared empty plinths in the Avenue of Heroes. The exception to this is if they are destroyed by the Hero’s Sword, in which case their souls are captured inside the ruby.

By the time of the FirstWorld Saga very few wizards remain.

Manfred remains the last best hope for saving the multiverse. Dammar, Destiny, Mandred and Weylyn play key roles in the story. Hroc, Frisa and Zenethyr have minor roles.

There is a legend that in FirstWorld’s darkest hour the wizards will return from stone to be reborn and save Elannort and Melasurej from destruction.

It is believed that wizards were created to look after the experiment that the Great Old Ones had created for their children’s education. Half of them were nominally aligned to Law and half of them to Chaos but their role was to ensure that balance was maintained and one side did not overpower the other. Over time they lost their original alignments and became representatives and servants of the Balance.

It is said that time cannot end while a wizard still lives.