The Undead

What happens when we die? It’s a question humankind has been asking ever since we became sentient. I know a few things. Wizards and Heroes turn to stone and take their appointed place in the Avenue of Heroes. But before they get there they must sail on the Ship of Souls and be interviewed by the Captain.

The Avenue of Heroes

Coming soon Nat Turner’s interpretation of The Ship of Souls sailing the seas of Limbo.

All living things have a soul. If the Sword kills you, your soul is captured in the Blood Ruby and you would spend eternity trapped there.

Weylyn the Wolf perfected a way to keep the souls of the dead in his staff. In doing so, he was able to resurrect the soulless bodies and use them as an army of undead. Mostly, the undead are zombie like but a few were given special powers by Weylyn so they could live essentially normal lives and serve him in special ways. The most important of these was Dring who existed in several dimensions in different incarnations. Dring is intimately linked with Simon’s past and his future.

Jhamed's Death