The Everlasting Hero


It is conjectured that the Great Old Ones knew that what they had buried deep under the mountains would one day be released. They needed a weapon and someone to wield it that could be a counter and keep the great evil in check.

In order to ensure that Heroes would emerge they seeded humanity with genetic material that would, under unusual circumstances, lead to the Everlasting Hero. Only the Everlasting Hero could wield certain weapons that had a degree of sentience. When the Everlasting Hero and the weapon came together they would form a partnership where the whole greatly exceeded the sum of the parts. The Sword Fleischaker, named by Simon Kin Slayer, was the greatest of these weapons.

The Everlasting Hero has many incarnations. He or she is mortal with a normal lifespan and (usually) no memory or knowledge of previous or future incarnations.

Often, the Everlasting Hero is born into a normal family with no inkling of his or her hidden talents. Frequently, as in Simon’s case, it takes a great mental effort to accept the role that fate or genetics has handed them. It is not easy to become a killing machine.

Somehow, fate conspires to bring the Everlasting Hero forward when he or she is most needed.

Gilgamesh was an earlier incarnation who fought Gadiel and seriously wounded him but gave his life in the battle.

Ubadah, the lost King of Tamarlan, is another incarnation. He is a strong, regal figure who feels he should have the Sword when he returns to cause confusion.

Simon seems an unlikely hero when we meet him as a shy, puny medical student in Melbourne in the 2040s. He doesn’t come from your dimension but from one that is not too different and one that is heading for catastrophe in the form of nuclear war. He is unsure of himself. He was orphaned and doesn’t know where he comes from. He’s very shy with women and is still a virgin. He only has a couple of close friends. He loves his adopted mother but she dies at the beginning of the story. He is troubled by dreams because both the forces of good and evil are trying to find him. The forces of evil want to kill him. The forces of good want him to fight for them.

The genetic traits that are present in the Everlasting Hero are:

The ability to wield and control the Sword

The ability to travel between dimensions

The ability to travel in time

Red hair (sometimes)

Left handedness (sometimes)

Forming a rapid and strong bond with his special companions, especially Jhamed

Falling in love at first sight especially with incarnations of his Eternal Soulmate who is also genetically predisposed to fall for the Hero