In addition to the Guardian of Tomorrow there are three icons that are immortal and pass from one universe/multiverse to the next. One icon represents Law, one Chaos, and one the Balance. The representation is not fixed and changes with each new universe. The icons are not aware of their function.

The three icons are animal, vegetable and mineral.

The animal icon in this multiverse was Fate, the being who became the wizard Destiny. Unlike the other wizards he existed before they were created and took the form of Destiny. Time could not allow a wizard to remain an icon because it would prevent time coming to an end. Therefore his status passed on to his only son, Jhamed. In this multiverse, the animal icon represents the Balance.

The vegetable icon in this multiverse is the One Tree, which represents Law.

The mineral icon in this multiverse is Corundum, the Blood Ruby, which represents Chaos.

There are other ‘immortal’ beings in the multiverse who can apparently live forever but cannot pass from one universe/multiverse to the next. The Immortal Prophet, Nostradamus, is an example. It is believed that he attained immortality because he was allowed to see the Tapestry. The Captain, therefore, might be an immortal too.