There are five major gods of both Law and Chaos with multitudes of minor gods. It is thought that the major gods were created at the beginning of time and are an important part of maintaining balance. Should a god be destroyed, the Balance would tip precipitously one way or the other. Minor gods are created from human belief systems and survive only as long as sufficient humans believe in them.

The Major Gods of Chaos

Ariukki God of Hedonism

Kharmeth God of Blood and Unrelenting Fury

Lemal the Renegade God

Shamash God of Decay and Disease


Zeench God of Change, Magic, Schemes and Plots

The Major Gods of Law

Ariallos God of Order and Discipline

Illuminos God of Light and Unchanging Eternity

Somorllia God of Eternal Beauty

Sullkan God of Vengeance, Fire, Cleansing and Divine Retribution

Yarwai God of Faith or The One True God

Simon will meet the gods in A Vision of the Future and will be forced to serve one god from each side.