3a queens tree

The Queen’s Tree at Elvenhome by Nat Turner

The elves were brought to FirstWorld by the Great Old Ones. Their home planet was dying and the Great Old Ones saved them in return for taking part in an experiment that was designed to educate their two unexpected and unusual children.

The elves were assigned to Jeohab and were meant to follow the ways of Law.

The children soon lost interest and the elves were left to their own devices, choosing a more balanced pathway.

Elves were made to live in the sunshine as one with nature. They love the trees and the trees love them. They are very long-lived but because their DNA is not of this planet their time here is limited. Children are now few and far between. The current Queen, Ceridwen, believes she will be the last ruler of her people.

At the sundering, elves were scattered through the multiverse. In most other dimensions they had no homeland and were discriminated against or persecuted. Many died but some were helped to find their way home to FirstWorld. Some elves, including Queen Ceridwen’s betrothed, remain lost in misery in other dimensions.

Elves are great warriors when forced to fight. They are skilled with the bow and with the sword.