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The dwarves were brought to FirstWorld by the Great Old Ones. Their home planet was dying and the Great Old Ones saved them in return for taking part in an experiment that was designed to educate their two unexpected and unusual children.

The dwarves were assigned to Satania and were meant to follow the ways of Chaos.

The children soon lost interest and the dwarves were left to their own devices, choosing a more balanced pathway. Some dwarves though retained a strong link to Chaos and particularly to the God Lemal.

Dwarves were made to live in darkness and dig in the earth for mineral riches. During their exploration they unearthed what the Great Old Ones had buried deep under the mountains.

Dwarves are relatively short-lived and not being of this planet they are finding it difficult to survive. There are still dwarves in a few other dimensions. Sustaining a critical mass is difficult because of political instability. Not all dwarves want to follow Dia son of Din son of Dane, King Beneath the Mountain.

Dwarves are great warriors, belying their small stature, and fight with enormous axes.