Coffee Stains – Chance or Fate? (Second Person Flash Fiction)

It’s a normal weekday morning. You spill coffee down your pristine white shirt at breakfast and have to change. This makes you late for your usual train and you miss it. You take the next one and as you are amongst the first to board you find a seat. A beautiful young lady sits next to you. You are immediately attracted to her. Unusually emboldened, you find an excuse to begin a conversation. You ask her out and she accepts. You are soulmates. Within a year you are married. Your eldest child becomes a famous scientist and invents a cure for cancer. You have a long and happy life together. You die in your sleep; old and contented.

While you are changing your shirt you listen to the radio news. There’s a story about your favourite football team, so you stop to listen. This makes you even later. You still make the same train but you don’t find a seat. The young lady normally travels by car, but today her car was in for a service. You never meet. Your unborn children are removed from the timeline. You drift from one bad relationship to another. You marry and divorce three times. You never have children. You begin drinking heavily and fall into a spiral of deep depression. Alone and in despair you take your own life at fifty.