Understanding The Balance – From the Archives of Kris the Bard – Part Three – The Answers

For all too brief a time, the White Tower, also known as The Lost Tower, twin to Melasurej, the Wizards’ Keep, stood in Elannort alongside its damaged twin. Unbeknownst to anyone, I secretly crept up the tower several times to converse with The Guardian of Tomorrow. After each encounter, I rushed back to my room to capture on paper, as accurately as I could remember, the words that had been spoken. Now, in another time and a different dimension, I have the opportunity to reflect on those hurriedly scrawled notes and share them with you.

The Important Conversations

Extract from A Vision of the Future
“The Ship of Souls has sailed the seas of Limbo from the first moments of the cosmos. It was the first thing created by the Balance, and it performs two functions. The first is to provide a safe home for the Tapestry. The second is to carry the souls of special people, who have served the Balance, to their eternal resting places. Under certain circumstances, some individuals are given a second chance at life; this is the Captain’s prerogative.”

“The ship exists outside of normal time and space. Finding an appropriate Captain is often difficult. The first Captain was created as an immortal being, to give him equal status to his first passengers.”

“Thus did Nostradamus find himself with the opportunity to study the Tapestry at length. His first passengers were the ten gods. By the time the gods had determined their roles and forms, and negotiated the rules for running the cosmos, physics, chemistry, and evolution had determined the first intelligent life forms in the various universes that bobbed like doughnuts in the sea of custard that is Limbo. In one universe of this cosmos, the dominant species was the Great Old Ones.”

Questions I posed to The Guardian

Why are there gods and should humans worship them?

Do not worship or follow the Gods of Law, they will lead you to slavery. Do not worship or follow the Gods of Chaos, they will lead you to destruction. The gods are necessary to establish the rules under which the Cosmos will operate. They determine the boundaries of existence and provide the two sides of the scales so that we can become the fulcrum. While the races evolve they will follow the gods blindly. When intelligence exceeds superstition the gods will begin to pale. At that point they have achieved their purpose. Unfortunately, they will continue to battle for supremacy as they believe that control of this Cosmos will give them control of the next. They are wrong. The gods are fallible. We may be fallible too.

Is there One True God? Is it The Balance?

Do not worship The Balance; we seek not the adoration of the races. Follow our guidance, without worship, and you will find your salvation. We are the only god that will pass through the Conjunction into the next Cosmos.

How should one live?

Simply in balance. In balance with nature; in balance with your fellow creatures; and neither following the paths of Law nor the paths of Chaos. Ensure that the scales are heavier on the side of good than on the side of evil. Do only unto others as you would like done to you. With the exception of the Gods, all intelligent beings are created equal and you must treat them as such. Do not fight your genes; you are born that way for a reason.

What happens when we die?

Only four things, the Icons, are eternal and can pass through a Conjunction into the next Cosmos. One is animal, one vegetable, and one mineral – in each Cosmos one will serve Law, one Chaos, and one The Balance. The fourth Icon is Time. Everything else, even the gods must die and simply cease to exist. There are a few exceptions, who do not pass to nothing until the Conjunction. You have witnessed them; souls may be captured in a wizard’s wand and the Undead then do his bidding; souls may be captured in the Blood Ruby in the Great Sword; Heroes and wizards find themselves on the Ship of Souls, where at the Captain’s discretion they may be returned to life or taken to a place of eternal rest from their labours. For ordinary humans, elves, and dwarves death is simply the end of existence – they return to the state they were before they were conceived.

If you haven’t worked out who the three Icons are you will find out at the End of Time at the end of A Vision of the Future.

If there are no gods to worship, no faiths to follow, and no heaven or hell how can we find spiritual fulfillment in life?

I remember asking this question. It was like asking for the answer to life. I think Simon had already worked most of it out.

Extract from A View of the Past – The Afterword.

“Simon had been pondering the problem for days. He’d been reading a very old text from his own dimension; though it may well have been published across the multiverse, such had been its success. A group of hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings wanted to learn the ‘Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything’ from the supercomputer, Deep Thought, specially built for this purpose. It took Deep Thought seven and a half million years to compute and check the answer, which turned out to be forty-two.

He had no idea why the Great Old Ones had decided to seed humankind before they departed this universe. He had even less understanding of why they had chosen his son as the source of that genetic material. He did understand, though, the reason for life. It was simple. This life is not a stepping-stone to a glorious after-life or even an inglorious damnation. It is not a single tread on the stairway of reincarnation. There is but one chance that any individual has at life, so they’d better make the most of it. The only reason any living thing exists is to pass on its genetic code to future generations. Successful organisms will survive; unsuccessful ones will die out. Deep Thought got it wrong. It was close, or it could have been working in base eleven. The answer to life is not forty-two. It is forty-six. Two pairs of twenty-three chromosomes, one pair from the egg, the other from the sperm, carry all of the genetic code that makes every individual unique.

Simon sighed. He had learned a valuable lesson. We are the sum of all the experiences of our past; not just our individual pasts but the history of all the generations of ancestors that have gone before. You cannot change any aspect of the past without destroying yourself.

He had lost Alexander. He had only been able to spend two years with his son. He had watched him learn to crawl, stand, walk, and speak. He had loved him with all of his heart. He ached that he would never see him grow up, marry, and give him grandchildren. He knew now how parents felt when their children were taken by illness or accident. Yet this was different. If the answer to life really was forty-six then Alexander had cracked it. His son’s genes were everywhere in humanity, even in him. In fact, he could not have existed without his son’s sacrifice. He was the multiverse’s last hope to stand against Gadiel. He finally accepted the destiny that his genes had prescribed for him. Simon wept gently; sometimes the father was more important than the son.”

And this extract from A View of the Past – The Foreword

What is the chance that you exist? What is the probability that everything happened so that you, everything that defines you – your looks; your personality; your ethics; your skills; your foibles; everything, could exist now and you could be reading this? You have a unique genetic code that defines who you are. No other person who has lived or ever will live has that same code, unless you have an identical twin. Yet if two identical male twins married two identical female twins, the children within and between the two families would be so very different.

First, your parents had to meet. If you come from a tiny isolated village, where the locals always intermarry, then that might not be too surprising. If you are a typical person, think about all the things that had to occur in the right sequence at the right time over so many generations for that to happen. A series of probabilities so huge that the odds on them ever meeting in the first place were minuscule.

Once your parents got together, a specific egg and a unique sperm had to meet. Any other combination from the one that happened and it would not be you. In round numbers, a woman may have a million eggs in her body at birth, only some of these will develop. There may be one hundred million sperm in a single male ejaculation. Therefore, the odds of just the right egg and sperm getting together from your parents to make you are tiny. Multiply that across every generation that your ancestors have been on this planet, each generation the tree branching out by a factor of two.

You are literally unique and the chance of you existing is so small that in any normal probability calculation it would be taken effectively as zero.

Sometimes, very rarely, the combination of genes come together to create beings so special that many suggest they could not exist. Is their existence any more remarkable than your own? Once in a very blue moon, the genes combine to create a Hero. Even rarer than that, at times when the universe most needs them, the genes combine to create the Everlasting Hero.”

And what the Guardian told me after what seemed like an age of silent thought.

If there are no gods to worship, no faiths to follow, and no heaven or hell how can we find spiritual fulfillment in life?

Humans are particularly difficult to convince about this. Perhaps it is their short life-spans. Elves understand it much better. We have never discussed it with dwarves. Humans are always seeking answers from outside themselves. They believe that power and wealth equate to happiness. They believe that their moral code is the only way to live correctly. They are arrogant and lack empathy. The answer to your question is inside each of you. You create your own versions of heaven and hell that remain real to you until the moment of death. Then like your souls, they vanish. The beginning is to destroy both heaven and hell. There are no rewards or punishments in an afterlife, only in this life. Live as we have described, with simplicity, empathy, and balance. Help others and you will find the joy and fulfillment that is missing from helping yourselves.

Could you sum up your philosophy for life in a couple of sentences?

You can lead a life that is driven by dogma; you can lead a life that is riven by hatred; or you can lead a life given to helping those less fortunate. Wealth is not inherently evil; it is what you do with it that counts.


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