On Gods and Men

I know that many of you in this dimension, at this time, believe in one God, or even several Gods. I have no problem with this. Gods exist. I have recounted Simon Redhead’s encounters with them. However, there are some important facts that you should know.

You believe that your God is omniscient and omnipotent. These are fallacies. To begin with, Gods are far too concerned with their own petty squabbles to worry about what an insignificant human is thinking or doing. And Simon proved that they are not omnipotent by destroying a God of Chaos, Lemal, and a God of Law, Yarwai. Agreed, he had some help in both cases, but the fact that they died proves something.

You believe that your God desires your total obedience and that you follow a very specific set of rules. In some cases this is true, but the reason for this is not what you think. It is not for your benefit but for theirs.

I studied for many years with Rheanna at the Great Library in Rhakotis. In your dimension, Rhakotis is called Alexandria. I spoke, in secret, with the Guardian of Tomorrow when the Lost Tower stood in Elannort. I interviewed Simon Redhead and Jhamed al Suraqi in depth about their adventures. I catalogued their stories in the Chronicle of the Hero, which formed the basis for CJA’s FirstWorld books. Above all, I stood with a few special beings at the End of Time and witnessed and understood many things that a regular human could never comprehend.

I was sent back in time, by the Guardian, to your dimension, as a reward for my labours. I was supposed to forget everything, but the manipulation of my mind by a certain evil wizard seems to have had the side-effect of allowing the memories to remain with me. I offer you the benefit of my studies, my experiences, and my unique insights into how the Cosmos functions.

There are ten Gods created at the formation of a new Cosmos. Five represent Law and five Chaos. They determine their forms, their names and specialities, and the rules of the Cosmos as they sail through Limbo on the Ship of Souls. This Cosmos will end and the cycle will begin again if either Law or Chaos becomes totally dominant. It is that dominance that the Gods strive for, little knowing that to win means their own destruction too. They are mostly far too consumed with this battle and their own petty enjoyment to bother themselves with the insignificant concerns of individual humans, unless those humans have special genes, like the Everlasting Hero.

There can be any number of minor Gods beneath the five major Gods. These Gods come into existence and die over time. They exist only because people believe in them. The greater the belief, the greater the power they have. So, they strive to grow that belief, enforcing strict rules on their followers, and demanding obedience, worship, and even sacrifice. Look back over your own history and you can reflect on the rise and fall of so many Gods, powerful in their time, but withered to dust today. Simon encountered a couple of them in his adventures and vanquished them both by either removing their believers or their believers’ belief in them.

So should you follow a God? What should you believe in? Where should you get your rules for living your life from? The choice is yours and I respect whatever choice you make, but I caution you that when your life ends, you end. Except for the few who sail on The Ship of Souls there is no future after death. My only suggestion is to live this life for it is the only one you have. You could do no better than look to The Balance. I may be biased, because I serve The Balance, and I declare that with pride.

The Balance is unique. It is both God and Icon, and is in reality the one true God because it controls Time and is the only entity, except for the three other Icons, to pass through a Conjunction and into the next Cosmos.

The Balance does not seek worship. It just wants to find balance in everything. If you want just one rule to live your life by, then finding balance in everything is a fine one.

However The Balance does have its own Ten Commandments.
The Ten Commandments of The Balance #fantasy #FirstWorldSaga
(1) Absolute Law is stagnation and must be avoided at all costs.
(2) Absolute Chaos is anarchy and must be avoided at all costs.
(3) Only followers of The Balance will find the appropriate middle way.
(4) Do not worship or follow the Gods of Law, they will lead you to slavery.
(5) Do not worship or follow the Gods of Chaos, they will lead you to destruction.
(6) Do not worship The Balance; we seek not the adoration of the races.
(7) Follow our guidance, without worship, and you will find your salvation.
(8) Do only unto others as you would like done to you.
(9) With the exception of the Gods, all intelligent beings are created equal and you must treat them as such.
(10) Do not fight your genes; you are born that way for a reason.

If you need some rules to live your life by, these seem to me to be the best ones, together with the guidance that The Balance provides, which I will write more about in the future.

May The Balance go with you!
Kris the Bard

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