Rachamim – The God of Mercy – A New FirstWorld Character

You may think it’s an anachronism that the God of Mercy is a Chaos God. But it’s not that strange if you think about it. Law has little mercy and absolute Law none. Law is black and white. Chaos has every shade of grey. You may also think it’s strange that my Patron is Kharmeth, God of Blood, God of Unrelenting Fury sitting upon his mountain of skulls, watching his lakes of blood overflowing, plotting death and destruction on a multiversal scale. I forever must brave His wrath and attempt to temper His anger and bring a little mercy to His victims.

I take the form of an angel. Generally, I take the form of a beautiful female, lithe and naked, with folded wings. I do it to anger the Gods of Law who think they have a monopoly on beautiful female figures. Yes, I know such mischief is petty, but I am a God of Chaos after all.

Often the best I can do with Kharmeth is temper the death of an individual and make it more merciful. On those occasions, I take the form of the Angel of Death – a skeleton inside a black cloak, carrying a great scythe. Kharmeth enjoys making me the killer. There is a great irony in the merciful Angel of Death. It is becoming more and more my main form.

Yet, I seek more. I am an ambitious God. I cannot afford to anger Kharmeth too much, but I need to broaden my horizons. I wish to become more powerful. I am seeking to become a Patron to a Hero.

My choice is Leonora Redhead – The Red Lion.


Simon Redhead met Kharmeth in A Vision of the Future, Volume 4 of the FirstWorld Saga, available here and an excerpt here.